Business (July 28th to August 3rd)

Steelmakers may suffer squeeze

A worker at a steel mill in Zhejiang province. 
[China Daily] 

China's rural retail sales top $243b in H1, up 20% from previous year

Low-end industries give way to high-tech

China to revise nuclear power development goal

PetroChina to issue 60b yuan corporate bond

China to raise tax rebate on textiles to 13%

China welcomes more foreign investment

Unemployment down to 4% in first half

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$2.3M US jobs gone to China

Tightening purse strings in trying times

$6 billion small appliances export industry

China to slow Yuan gains for growth

Uganda: Country's Labour Laws Now in Chinese

China Telecom to pay US$6.41 billion for CDMA business

Guangdong apparel exports slump 31.3%, other statistics

Olympics sell-off?

China playing hardball in latest Trade Talks

Onyx gets Chinese approval for liver cancer drug

Taipei and Nanjing sign memorandum of understanding

China shares higher on firmer Wall Street

Asian antitrust laws threaten deals

Shanghai upgrades banking system (video)

Two weeks to change the world

Let interest rates steer econom

Stable and fast growth

Source: AFP/File Photo

Asia-Pacific’s ambitious plan for disaster relief

Come and visit Taiwan

The Chang Kai Shek memorial in Taipei, Taiwan. Source:

Apple and China

China's hot Dot-Com stocks

China drives VW sales to record

TomatoBank: Top Chinese community bank in LA

Exxon a pawn?

IBM offloads $77 million of Lenova shares

China's pension fund faces 'grave challenges': state media

Games no fun for traders

US managers must learn Chinese business rules

Inefficiency an obstacle to Chinese business in Africa

Games hurdles for Beijing businesses

China, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan: Asia Local Bond Preview

Tests of Taiwan-China business ties

Hong Kong’s double challenges

Huaxia Bank 90% rise of net profit

China to build two steel plants in Indonesia

China to strengthen fund sales monitoring

Hong Kong earmarks over $1 billion for inflation relief

WTO rules against China and China statement

The tastiest restaurant stock in China

White paper on status quo of drug supervision

Dual success on China economic front

Shares in Asian markets closed higher except China

US optimistic on WTO talks if China leads concessions

China, India agree to cut malaria drug price: Clinton

China economic growth slowest since 2005

China uses Games to showcase energy efficiency

Yuan another record high

How a stronger Yuan could hurt the US

Bank of China may hold huge US debt

China's economy grew 10.4 pct in first half of 2008

Yum boosts guidance helped by China surge

China approved to join ivory trade

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China's inflation falls

Bank of Communications to offer Yuan bond in Hong Kong

12.7 billion Yuan to upgrade farmland

Taiwan opens up to RMB exchange

Air China to buy 45 Boeing airplanes

China port city urged to develop into northern economic hub

Marketwire expands in China

China growth slows but pace acceptable

China’s economy set to face bumps

Rising FDI reflects inflow of hot money

China's Sinosteel wins takeover bid for Australia's Midwest

China energy efficiency improving

Staying the course in tough times

Trade surplus down by 20.6% in June

Money ties China US together

UN weighs China's request to import ivory

China impact of Bud’s $52 billion takeover

ICBC launches first wine trust

Better stock performances in Q2

More efforts to raise stocks

$1.809 Forex reserve!

Launch of buffer funds

Boeing and China to compete and cooperate

CEO to turn around Beijing

China stock market able to develop healthily

First express railway to begin trial

ICBC provides $1.17 bn loan for quake zone

Test of unprecedented capital inflow

Merger creates China’s steel giant


Shutting down plants…in China

Smithfield Foods sells 4.95% shares

Can the US bring jobs back?