Business (August 18th to August 24th)

Volkswagen to sell more cars in China than Germany

GE's Immelt sees China business doubling by 2010

China earmarks $9.7 bln for quake relief

Surprise winner at Beijing Games: NBC

Phelps first endorsement in China

Winds of change in China

Source: China Daily

Six new railway lines btw Qinghai and Tibet

Premier Wen: Environment top priority

Resilient Consumers

Tibet loans RMB100 million to violence-hit businesses

China invests more as exports slow

Retail sales up 24.3% in hotel and catering

Thrust on energy efficiency as country advances

China exports to US grows at a slower pace

Surplus labor pool shrinking

Hot money to China

$147 billion for quake rebuilding

America's exports growing faster than China's - balancing world economy!

Source: Economist