Politics (August 11th to August 17th)

S.Ossetia, Georgia and Russia; Taiwan, China and USA

UN official criticizes Western media bias

Harmony and the Dream

A real winner

Saving arable land

How much of America is made in China?

Talking to Taiwan's new president

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

China warns of "life and death" battle with terror

China on the defense

Journalist grills Games organizers over human rights in China

IOC on the defense

When China starved

China's Muslim problem

New US Embassy symbolic of growing relations with China

The politics of war: Treating Russia like China

5 suspected militants killed in western China

Shock and awe

Dalai Lama fears Chinese push in Tibet after Games

How China changed in 20 years

Poll: Most Americans back Olympics in Beijing

Chinese dominance is good for Americans

US clears Beijing officials of blame for gymnastics loss

Dalai Lama and post-Olympics

China and Japan edge closer

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Grace, pathos and ethics

Bush family in Beijing (more pictures)

Source: China Daily

Maybe you can learn something from China

US and China thrive on rivalry

Media too mean to China?
The Western press is fascinated with the two P's: pollution and protests. For dessert, anything to do with Tibetan independence, censorship, or foreign visitors is also welcome.

Taiwan new president tests China with USA trip

Awe but no laughter

What will Olympics do for China

Phil Walter/Getty Images

Beijing smog nothing compared to the dusty roads of 1904

US-China engagement and Darfur

Why China loves Olympics?

Bush leaves China, stresses ties

Bush's Olympics mission: Sports and politics

Olympics will help world better understand China

China-US diplomacy shifts, from 'Ping Pong' to basketball

U.S. President George W. Bush (2nd R), his father and former president George H.W. Bush (L), first lady Laura Bush (R) and China's Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi applaud before the start of the Group B men's basketball game between China and the U.S. at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games August 10, 2008. [Agencies]

China vs. Internet, who will win?

Hu to Bush: Time to lift US ties to a higher level

Bush to Hu: Darfur

Between envy and fear

Insecure security not just because of Tibet