Politics (August 25th to August 31st)

Time to rethink America's position

'Excessive Response'
An independent journalist discusses his arrest in Beijing

Chinese dissidents push for new political climate

Blair: We can help China embrace the future

Blair: China reminds me of the best of America

Internet-Age Detectives on the Trail of Gymnasts

The biblical 7 years since 9/11:
China built stadiums, subways, airports, roads and parks
America built metal detectors, armored Humvees and pilotless drones

Bush, Putin, Bill Gates (great pictures)

source: www.sohu.com

WSJ best China blog: August 28

Pentagon okays missile sale to Taiwan

China admits mismanaged funds

Taiwan's top scandal

Hu's proposal on regional piece and common prosperity

China expresses concern about Russia's stance on Georgian regions

China launches new attack on Dalai Lama's 'lies'

Israelis accuse Bank of China of funding militants

Bank of China denies

China's next act

USA question China over pork, farm taxes

Beijing Olympics more important than Nixon's historic visit to China

Was London mayor rude at the closing ceremony?

Final Impressions of 'a great Olympics'

Beijing Games on Chinese terms

Was 'Cultural Revolution' a 'Cultural Innovation' too?
-The acclaimed director Zhang Yimou, who is fully responsible for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies at Beijing Games was born in 1951

US or China, take your pick

Legacy continues as Beijing Games end

(AP Photo/Andy Wong)

Good air versus industry

'China's totalitarian games' by Jeff Jacoby

South Korea and China expand ties